Apolinia Catering


I was born and raised in Poland. At the age of 17, I started working in the restaurant industry. Ever since, hospitality and cooking has been my passion. Thanks to my family in Poland, I love homemade food and everything that goes with it. I love to share my homemade, healthy and tasty food with my friends and family. Simplicity, taste and good quality is the key to my success in the kitchen. Food tastes better when we put love and feelings into it. A couple years ago, I met Iza…


I wasn’t born with a kitchen spoon in my hand, my kitchen adventure started with missing Polish food because of immigration. I moved to Germany when I was in my twenties and started baking Polish pastries and cakes, torty and paczki; it made me and my family happy! It continues today after I came to live USA. Thanks to our big Polish food community my repertuar grows every day. I love to cook, bake and share this with my freands!


Ever since I was a little girl in Poland, I would stand up on a little stool and help my mother cook away. Nothing ever tastes quite good as homemade food, especially from a Polish kitchen! As I got older the recipes my mother taught me became my own and now I’m passing them down to my children. I love sharing my cooking with my family and friends and I can’t wait to share it with others who enjoy authentic European cuisine.


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