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Our big annual International Multicultural Festival (IMFest) will take place on May 14th, 2016 at the Pan American Recreation Center.

This is a true international community event celebration which aims at bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds to celebrate and appreciate the diversity and awesomeness of all peoples of the world.
All programs are intended to focus on international cultures showcased in forms such as music, fashion, food, beverages, performing arts, clothing, craft, poetry, traditional multicultural ceremonies, kid’s hands on activities, networking, film, dancing and round table discussions.

This festival is derived from the idea that we are all different and unique, and yet, we are all the same. We may look different, speak different languages, hold different practices and beliefs. But when we look inside ourselves, we are still the same. Festival’s mission statement is as highlighted below:-

  1. To preserve, recognize and promote international cultures as a vital element in Austin’s diverse life.
  2. To promote the benefits of multicultural education to the Austin communities.

The event has lined up a series of vibrant activities to mark this celebration, below activities will be among entertainments for the audiences. As the event intend to promote multicultural education, showcase diversity, entertain audiences and bring together continents of the world and other diverse cultures, we hope you will join and actively participate and share your multicultural enthusiasm. We will have representations of participants with origin of different continents.
Below activities are some of what is anticipated to to take place in the festival:

  • Multicultural Music
  • Multicultural Dancing Performances i.e Drumming,Marital Art etc.
  • Multicultural Food and Drinks (Tasting, Sipping, Drinking, Eating etc)
  • Multicultural Ceremonies Performance such as Tea Ceremony etc
  • International Multicultural Art and Craft Exhibition
  • Multicultural Story Telling
  • Short International Multicultural Movie
  • Participatory Workshops and Demonstrations on Immigration, Cultural Diversity, Art, Traveling and Languages
  • Hands On Multicultural Children Activities and Plays such as Origami and other games
  • Any many more.

We are looking for volunteers and interns.

We are also contracting performers and vendors.

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If you are feel ready to help us, please email us directly at or call +1 512 363 2814 or fill out the form below.

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