Sponsors – 2019

In 2019 The International Multicultural Festival is proudly sponsored by:


City of Austin Cultural Arts Division

The Cultural Arts Division of the Economic Development Department provides leadership and management for the City’s cultural arts programs and for the economic development of arts and cultural industries.


Austin Creative Alliance

Austin Creative Alliance advances, connects and advocates for Austin’s arts, cultural, and creative communities in order to strengthen and protect the character, quality of life, and economic prosperity of our region.

We have many collaborative partners:


Oswaldo A.B. Cantu/Pan American Recreation Center

The Oswaldo A.B. Cantu/Pan American Recreation Center offers a variety of year-round recreation and leisure programs for youth, teens, adults and seniors.

Theo Homes

Are you looking to Buy, Lease, Sell, Invest in Real Estate? Theo Homes will help you. Tell us what you need and we will ensure you get the best service.



Paul Klemperer works as a bandleader, teacher, composer and writer.  His team at P.K.S.A.X. provides a variety of music for all events, as well as educational classes, workshops, and lectures, and many other products and services.


Autosol is a leading manufacturer of metal polishes and surface care products with 3 manufacturing sites around the world and a global distribution network in more than 70 countries. Founded by Otto Durst, we’ve been dedicated to professional quality since 1929.

Swift Passage Trading

Our immediate focus is on developing and executing export programs, but our deeper intention is to support clients in developing purposeful relationships with customers, suppliers and collaborators around the world.


Austin Polish Society

Our mission is to establish a society open to the general public, to encourage, and further knowledge of Polish culture, traditions, history, language, arts, current affairs, and local events through cultural activities, classes, seminars, and any and all appropriate means, to foster friendly relations between the American and Polish people.

Lone Star Africa Works

Austin-based 501©3 committed to working with cooperatives and entrepreneurs in Africa. Our mission is to develop community-oriented businesses, grow rural economies, improve access to technology and technical training, and support humanitarian projects.


Capoeira Angola Austin

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art practiced like a dance accompanied by the live performance of traditional songs on drums and berinbao (a traditional one-stringed instrument with a gourd resonator) with singing.

Capoeira Angola specifically pays homage to the African ancestry and culture of the art form in music, style and philosphy.