You are invited to celebrate cultures and network with other international multicultural enthusiasts. This will be our fourth year of our festival and we are so excited to host this again in 2019.

The International Multicultural Festival (IMFest) is centered on celebrating the uniqueness of the Austin Community by bringing different cultural groups together to learn, explore and celebrate each other and enhance unity among family. This festival is derived from the idea that we are all different and unique, and yet, we are all the same. We may look different, speak different languages, and hold different practices and beliefs. But when we look inside ourselves, we are still the same and there is still so much to learn and benefit from each other’s different culture. Multiculturalism is more than just the acknowledgment of a diverse cultural background. Here in Austin we witness the intertwining and interaction between cultures, local and international, and the positive influences they play on each other.

On the day of the main festival, there will be Music, Dance, Bands, Story Telling, Multicultural Performances, vendors from different multicultural vendors and many more. People normally wear their multicultural attire and it is such a colorful and cultural event.

The week heading to the festival, we will have kick off parties in different multicultural bars, restaurants, galleries etc. These kick off events will be in the form of parties, seminars, workshops, roundtable discussions on issues that have an impact on international and multicultural folks. Some of these discussions will be on Languages, Immigration, Tourism, Art and Craft, Music, Film, Fashion, Cultural Diversity, International Business and Role of Fair Trade etc. We believe as a community we need to have different discussions on issues that truly are dear to multicultural folks and those who are enthusiast.

If you like to sponsor, vendor, partner, volunteer, collaborate, host some of the kick off events, or be involved anyhow and represent international and or multicultural agenda, please reach out to office@imfest.net.